Cambridgeshire outfit False Hearts first appeared on the DGM radar late last year when the video for ‘Cynical Love’ put in an appearance. It was hugely melodic with a bit of bite about it, and although False Hearts were still a fledgling band at that time, the quality was there for all to hear. Fantastic riffs, larger than life beats, and a vocal performance to make you zone everything else out and actually pay attention. It might have taken a bit longer than hoped, but proving that good things come to those that wait, we finally have some new music from False Hearts.

‘Dirty Little Soul’ features the aforementioned ‘Cynical Love’ and three other tracks. The melody is bigger than before, the playing is still very strong, and the songwriting has leapt forward dramatically. ‘Break’ would be a perfect example of all of the above. Dealing with an individual at breaking point, it’s a dark and deeply personal song that most people will identify with one way or another. Emma Hodgson has grown immensely as a vocalist, and it’s particularly pleasing to witness her full vocal range. From the brooding low intro to the extended notes that she holds onto towards the end, it’s a stellar performance.

While ‘Break’ deals with someone at breaking point, ‘Take Control’ is the same person coming out the other side in a stronger position. A positive tale, ‘Take Control’ is, by the bands’ own admission, “feel-good”, and soars majestically. The slow-burning intro works well and turns into quite an uplifting moment. Very catchy and not a million miles from what American Rock Radio might class as mainstream. Shinedown, Adelitas Way, Sick Puppies, The Pretty Reckless… that kind of sound.

‘Addicted To Pain’ has a big-ass bass sound from Adrian Biggs, and along with drummer Adrian Bowes, they lay down some hefty foundations for guitarist Ali Westwood to spread out some crunching riffage. It’s not 100 mph, but still manages to pack a punch. ‘Cynical Love’ ends the EP, and nearly a year after first hearing it, I’m still finding new things to enjoy about it, mostly the groove. It grooves like two Russian tourists on the way to Salisbury Cathedral to check out the spire.

‘Dirty Little Soul’ is the end result of a new young band finding their feet. It’s fresh, dynamic, and above all, meaningful.

Available now. Purchase details, and all live dates can be found here.



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