Cambridgeshire four piece False Hearts ‘Dirty Little Soul’ E.P is a Rock release for 2018, powerful, soulful and full of topics relevant to the year. Opener ‘Break’ cruises the middle lane of the Metal highway while swerving the cliches that blight so many of their contemporaries. The restrained opening pace is complemented by the deep yet smooth female vocals which seamlessly hold the track together. Next up is the feelgood ‘Take Control’ and the song would not be out of place on any mainstream Rock radio. ‘Addicted To Pain’ is as crimson as the title suggests. The arms in the air pre-chorus lines are a delicate but devastating twist which opens the song on a multitude of levels, texture and taste. Final cut ‘Cynical Love’ (video link below)booms out of the speakers like Limp Bizkit with Fergie on vocals, it’s fast, dirty and a spitefully uncompromising tune. False Hearts have delivered a genuinely crisp, fresh and punchy E.P of genre surfing Rock.




EP Review: False Hearts – Dirty Little Soul



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