Adi’s route into rock music was not exactly what you would call conventional, first picking up an instrument at the age of four and starting out in a brass band alongside his Dad and Grandad. Accumulating years of experience as a percussionist whilst drawing heavy inspiration from drummers such as Queen’s Roger Taylor, Muse’s Dom Howard and Carl Palmer of ELP, Adi later found a more fitting home alongside Emma in The Visitors, developing a distinctly more modern style in the process. When The Visitors came to an end Adi was more than happy to throw his hat into the ring alongside Emma once again, signalling the beginning of False Hearts.

A lifetime proponent of Pearl drum kits and Sabian cymbals and always found with a set of Vic Firth sticks in hand, Adi’s choice of kit has remained fairly constant over the years. Decidedly less known however is his talent on the piano which, while yet to feature in an official False Hearts release, provides an invaluable assist when songwriting. His musical experience, derived from such varied sources, has helped him to become a remarkably well-rounded performer and a vital cog in the False Hearts machine.