Ali’s childhood was one dominated by music; a sea of countless gigs as he followed his Dad’s band from venue to venue, inheriting a musical instinct of his own along the way. Citing Green Day as his main musical inspiration during his formative years, Ali would whittle away the hours learning how to play his favourite songs and plying his craft in a number of covers bands. Always keen however to create original music, Ali jumped at the chance to be a part of False Hearts and has proven to be a vital component since day one.

Ali’s love affair with guitars is a perhaps his worst-kept secret; his preference seeming to shift on a whim as he heads out yet again to buy the next one to have caught his eye. For now at least he is set on PRS – a green S2 Singlecut, paired with a Marshall amp. Whether this will still be true in a month is anyone’s guess, though thankfully his talent shines through regardless.