False Hearts’ resident fireman and bassist joined in 2018, bringing with him a wealth of musical experience and a distinct style inspired by his love of Audioslave, Hot Water Music, and Jimmy Eat World. Playing his first gig in the year 2000, Phil’s early forays into music carried him as far afield as California as a part of ‘Possum Fodder’, which later became ‘Home Run Hero’. After life prompted a few years off, Phil’s next major project, ‘Go Fly Win’, featured in Kerrang and took home the award for ‘Best Rock Band’ at The NMG Awards before the group ultimately called it a day. Throughout it all however Phil’s love of music remained constant, and when False Hearts came calling in 2018, everything fell perfectly into place.

When it comes to his gear Phil is nothing if not particular; For him, “Fender makes the only basses worth playing, tried and tested”, with his go-to being a custom Fender USA Precision Bass. An Orange 8×10 cab, Darkglass pedal and EBS compressor help craft his signature sound, but for Phil it can never be that simple – as he says, “No part of my gear is or stays standard. I enjoy making it my own.”

Outside of music Phil is clearly not a fan of the mundane, spending his days literally putting out fires as a part of the Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service; though as the father of young children he has grown accustomed to a little carnage.