False Hearts release their ‘Dirty Little Soul’ E.P. on 21st September 2018. I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to an advance copy of this wonderful 4 track offering.

Formed in 2016 the Cambridgeshire four piece soon took the music scene by storm thanks to their unique and compelling take on passion-driven, female-led rock.

All four tracks from the E.P. have been recorded and produced at Valhalla Studios and the band would like to give a very special thanks to Dan Lambert at the studio for all his hard work and dedication to this release.

So, what can you expect from ‘Dirty Little Soul’?

The E.P. kicks off with the compelling ‘Break’. An almost haunting piano and drum intro leads us in as Emma Hodgson’s strong, fresh vocals take control of proceedings and direct us into a world hurtful honesty. The track is a little slower than the rest of the cuts on the E.P., yet it is more powerful for that. The flowing guitar work of both Emma and Ali Westwood will certainly draw the listener in and have them wanting to hear more. The more commercial ‘Take Control’ follows and this is a harder edged number with a great chorus that would make a perfect single. I particularly like Adrian Bowes’ drumming and the steady, driving bass playing from Adrian Biggs.

‘Addicted To Pain’ is a much heavier, riff driven song that reveals just how good False Hearts can rock. It has a subtle guitar intro that soon opens up into a head shaking beast of a rocker. Final track ‘Cynical Love’ just oozes class. I first heard this last year and raved about it then. It is the kind of rocker that will have you shaking your fist in the air, screaming the vocals at the top of your voice and have you jumping around with a huge grin on your face.

‘Dirty Little Soul’ is an E.P. well worth a listening to. It has great moments of rock, well written songs, memorable choruses and some truly biting lyrics. What more do you need? Take a bow guys, you can be very proud.

False Hearts – Dirty Little Soul E.P.

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