Powerful female-fronted rock delivered with a fiery finesse, False Hearts’ distinct sound and indomitable presence have put them firmly on the radar of music fans across the country. Comprising of vocalist/guitarist Emma Hodgson, Lead Guitarist Ali Westwood, drummer Adi Bowes and bassist Phil Benton, False Hearts have drawn on past experience ranging from rock bands to brass bands and orchestras to create their own captivating brand of modern rock.

Forming in Cambridgeshire as recently as 2016, False Hearts have already secured a place in the NMG Hall of Fame and a movie credit on the soundtrack of Strangers 2: Prey at Night (sequel to Universal Pictures’ 2007 horror movie The Strangers) with their fan-favourite single ‘Cynical Love’. The single was taken from the band’s debut EP, ‘Dirty Little Soul’, which was released in 2018 to widespread acclaim and reached no. 27 on the iTunes Rock Chart. The arrival of bassist Phil Benton in 2018 heralded a further maturing of False Hearts’ song writing and approach, proving to be the perfect catalyst in driving the band onward.

We start this new release with a track called ‘Breathe Again’. This has a slow but powerful start before the band comes in and the level rises all throughout the chorus. A strong and emotional start to this latest EP with a powerful in your face feel.

Next up is ‘Enough Is Enough’, and this is much more of a full on rock track with a wonderful vocal performance by Emma backed up by a very capable band.

‘Misery Loves Company’ is like a boxing match, it draws you in then hits you full on in the face in the chorus., then jabs away throughout the verses before the chorus again.

We end with the title track ‘Remedy’. This is just a great tune and they have definitely saved the best till last. The rest of the EP has forged the way to this final chapter that you know will be a live favourite with the fans.

False Hearts have been making a strong case for their brand of rock n roll throughout 2019, and are definitely ramping it up to hit the music industry hard throughout 2020. This latest EP is a strong start for their next wave of new music to hit us the fans, full of wonderful vocal and musical performances throughout, with some bangin riffs and pumping beats that will vibrate your very soul.

TFM gives ‘Remedy’ 4/5, an excellent release by a very good band. Catch them live wherever you can.

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