False Hearts are a four piece rock band from Cambridge taking influence from other bands such as Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry. This review is for the new EP which is to be released 03/04/2020.

Track 1 Remedy – start right in with the heavy instrumentals creating a great opening to the EP soon to be joined by strong clean vocals the song gives out a true rock and roll vibe with the instrumentals and vocals combining to make a great song with the constant beats throughout the song and even throwing a guitar solo in the mix. Overall Remedy is a great song catchy and a great way to begin the EP.

Track 2 Misery Loves Company – A nice heavy intro to begin the song catching the listeners attention taking a softer approach to open the doors for the vocals. Two songs in and you can hear the influences that the band are inspired by Halestorm being a prime example of this. Misery Loves company again keeps the rhythm going throughout the song very catchy and would keep and rock and roll crowd entertained in concert.

Track 3 Breathe Again – Taking a much softer intro this time around with slow paced vocals kicking things of soon kicking things of with the rest of the band getting involved still keeping a much slower but constant pace compared to the previous two songs. It is not uncommon for rock bands to have a slower song on EPS mixing it up and not being to repetative and Breath Again really works really allowing the listening audience a chance to experience the vocals in full showing great talent and a strong voice throughout.

Track 4 Enough is Enough – The final track on the EP ending things with a nice heavy intro and picking up the pace again creating a much heavier vibe with a fast pace and much heavier instrumentals. Enough is Enough is a great song to end the EP on getting the audience pumped up one last time with the final part of the song really going for it with fantastic heavy instrumentals and the vocals giving the song true justice.

Overall Remedy is a great EP and I recommend to any rock and roll fans especially those who are not fans of Death and Thrash metal as the EP does not seem to slide of in to sub genres. I will be looking out for False Hearts on the gigging scene as I believe it would be a worthy concert.

8/10 – Review by Johnny K



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