September 21st 2018 sees the release of ‘Dirty Little Soul’, the new EP release by Cambridgeshire’s own, False Hearts.

​The band are on tour soon after the release date with a few shows with Crazy Cowboy Live Events as well as others.

​They have recently recruited a new bass player so the new line up will be raring to go come September 22nd in Reading where they will be playing the Crazy Cowboy Festival II at The Facebar.

Track by Track.

1. ‘Break’ (3:47) – This track explores the mind of an individual at their breaking point, their emotions and vulnerabilities on full display. Highly personal yet unfortunately universal, this form of conflict is all too familiar to all too many, allowing each listener to relate in their own way and from their own perspective.

2. ‘Take Control’ (3:26) – ‘Take Control’ is the feel good track of the EP, the tale of a once fragile mind coming out the other side of ‘Break’, feeling stronger and more resilient as a result, taking back control of whatever turmoil you have been struggling with. An anthem for the survivors, if you will.

3. ‘Addicted To Pain’ (3:56) – Shifting perspective, ‘Addicted to Pain’ speaks of the reluctant frustration felt when watching a loved one suffer within themselves, doing all you can to help them through yet wishing you could do more. All the while their self-destructive ways continue.

4. ‘Cynical Love’ (2:52) – This is the catalyst, the spark that leads to it all. Shifting seamlessly between desire and depravity, ‘Cynical Love’ is a love-hate story with a definite edge, filled with punchy riffs, compelling lyrics and a healthy dose of attitude.

This EP is deep, dark in places, personal, but most of all it is just a good rock n roll EP with strong vocals and plenty of guitar riffs. ‘Cynical Love’ which ends this EP is just a stand out track, and will leave you in no doubt that these guys mean business and are here to stay.

Check them out on the road from September 22nd, and check out the EP released September 21st.

TFM gives ‘Dirty Little Soul’ 4/5.



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